Revisiting an Old Friend

An Old Friend
Haven't been in a photography mood lately, which is why I completely missed last week and am late with this week's posting. I think I need to dig into my archives and work on some of those.

When I get a new camera I like to look through my archive at photos I've really liked from my old cameras and try to recreate the shot with the new camera. This gives me a chance to evaluate the new camera and how it differs from the past ones. This isn't one of those shots that I would use for comparison, mainly because this is two shots merged into one. Using my neutral density filter I took a shot of the falls at f22 giving me a couple seconds of exposure to get the silky look of the falls. Unfortunately it was a bit windy so the foliage around the falls were not very sharp to blurry. So I kept the water part then masked in a shot I took at a much faster shutter speed to pull the foliage in nice and sharp.


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