Spring Has Sprung

I realize it's been awhile since posting, but here goes. I have a backlog of photos taken with some new gear (more on that in another post. Hopefully) so I'm going to post some that have only seen minimal processing within the Google Photos service? App? All in all I'm really impressed with how much Google Photos has progressed over the years. Until I get Lightroom setup on a new computer, Google, and a handful of other apps, will have to handle the workload.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

If you've noticed I have a thing for photographing lighthouses. This is a little farther up the hill from my earlier post and is pretty simple, as lighthouses go. It has a great view of Cape Blanco. A year after taking this set of shots and I'm a little disappointed in my framing. All of my shots of this lighthouse make it look like it's on a grassy hill that could either be on the coast or 10 miles inland. This shot at least has a sliver of the cove in the background.

Jurassic Park!

Prehistoric Gardens isn't quite Jurassic Park, sadly, but it looks like a fun spot to take the family while on a road trip. I didn't enter the park, mainly due to time constraints, but I had to stop and have a look at T-Rex in the parking lot. Posting this through the Blogger App on my tablet to see how this works.

Is This Thing On?

*Tap tap tap* Is this thing on? Is this thing even working? Do I even know how to do this anymore? Do I even want to do this? All good questions, with some (hopefully) being answer with this post. Meaning if you can see it, it's on and working. The other questions? Well, who knows at this point. But, if you're seeing this, congrats! You probably had the RSS feed (which may or may not still be working), or some other little service I was using over a year ago is still shooting this out to social media. What brought me back? Am I back? 
What brought me back is easy. A couple days ago +Blogger released a, well, blog, detailing some new themes: I didn't hate them, and in fact liked one (the one hopefully you see here) and I went poking around, and re-kicking the tires to see if anything else about Blogger had changed. On first glance, nothing else has changed, which is both good and bad. 
Am I back?…

Long Time No See

It's been a while since I've put anything up here, but I haven't been neglecting photography. If you follow me on InstagramTwitter, or my favorite mobile sharing/editing tool VSCO Cam you'll see I've been shooting and editing lately more often with my Moto X and the VSCO Cam mobile app. But there's been some interesting news lately in the photo world that had me interested enough to actually do a post.

The Path

Continuing the black and white kick I'm on currently we have this sandy and fairly steep path down. The timing wasn't great, I'm here an hour before golden hour and with a very strong sun, so I had to frame accordingly. This is a river or creek (the maps go back and forth as to the naming) that merges with the ocean. At this point I'm about a half mile from the ocean, and with all that water with a strong sun there's a lot of glare.

Week of Black and Whites, Day 5

Ending the week with another flower shot. I've found keeping things simple has been a good way of getting back to photography. Ignoring color and really getting down to the basics of a shot have been good for me. This is another case where seeing the flowers in black and white had me looking at them differently. The colors are striking, but in stripping those out there's a nice simplicity to them.

Shot with my G3 and processed through Lightroom and onOne.