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Valley Fog

Overlook I've been holding on to this shot for a while now. I showed it earlier on Google+ but delayed putting it up here. I felt I could do more, and less, in my post processing. I like the layers in this early morning shot; sun light only hitting parts of the foreground hills, the fog receding, and the curves of the hills. It was a tough scene dynamically to capture. The shot is an HDR to better grab the shadow areas of the photo.

Trillium Falls

Trillium Falls Waterfalls. I love finding them and photographing them, so here's a new one, for me; Trillium Falls. Named after a flower that blooms in abundance in the surrounding area. Located in the Redwood National and State Parks, just north of a tiny town called Orick, the falls are easily accessed by a short hike or about a mile or so. If you've never been in a redwood forest it's really a very different kind of place. It's very lush, humid, and green with all kinds of ferns and plants on the ground and towering redwood trees. Sound doesn't escape the forest it echoes inside it. For an outdoor place there's a definite feeling of being indoors. The falls aren't the most exciting waterfalls there are, it's maybe ten feet high, but there are lots of little cascades that make for interesting mini-falls shots. The above shot is taken from a foot bridge and as you can see it's very green. The shot is also an HDR shot. "Upper" Tri

Wizard Island

Wizard Island I suppose the subject of this photo is Wizard Island, a volcanic cone on the western side of Crater Lake, but honestly I love the water.

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