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Happy Halloween

I got a nice treat for Halloween this year. 76, the oil and gas company, has featured one of my older photos on their social media sites. You can see it here on their Facebook page: Post by 76 . And here on their Twitter feed: Behold the Pumpkin King. #Halloween — 76 (@76) October 31, 2014   The photo is one I took for my first weekly photo project back in 2012! Thanks 76!

Freeze Frame

Wave Crash Against Pewetole Background Taking advantage of some larger than normal waves I slipped the camera into burst mode, rolled up the pants, and got a little wet. Burst mode on my G3 isn't anything to brag about (maybe 5 shots a second) but things do get interesting if I choose to use the electric shutter. Then it can rattle off 20 shots a second! Of course the downside to this is that the shots are 4 megapixels as opposed to the 16 available in total, and the shots are stored in JPEG form only. Newer models don't have this problem. The other problem with burst shooting with my G3 is the tiny buffer the camera has; once it's filled I need to wait for it to write to the card. So there's a bit of a learning curve involved in figuring out the timing of waves and and how much time of actual shooting I actually get. Then the fun of getting all these burst shots into Aperture and looking through them to weed out the good ones can be tedious. Is this wave break be

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge - Antique Plate Style Haven't had much desire or inspiration to pick the camera up and shoot lately. I've found my Moto X to be a capable shooter for quick shots when I've been out and about. No, I'm not saying my X is taking the place of my camera setup, but it's a great tool to have. When I recently went looking for some photo fun I revisited a subject I briefly visited with  +The Patch - PhotogrAphy Themed CHallenge  for an architectural theme, the covered bridge. The timing was good too. For whatever reason I tend to associate covered bridges with Halloween and fall. It might be the various Legend of Sleepy Hollow  movies and TV shows, or the large number of photographers who just have to post their East Coast fall foliage photos exploding with color against a quaint covered bridge. Either way, the timing worked out.

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