An Afternoon in Bodie

I recently took a trip that led me through Bodie State Historic Park. If you haven't been, and would be interested in seeing what remains of a town that flourished during the latter part of the California Gold Rush, then died out almost as quickly as it sprang up, this is a must visit. I was lucky enough to arrive here during their opening week for the season, with wonderful weather.

Is This Thing Working?

I just renewed the domain name on this blog and wasn't even sure everything was working, so this is a test post to see what is and isn't working. Also, please enjoy this shot from the less photographed side of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. From (checks notes) 2013?!

Burney Falls

Burney Falls, in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, has been on the list of waterfalls to shoot from the second I discovered it. This made all my previous waterfalls look like little trickles. But shooting here exposed a number of issues with gear and timing and so I left with photos that I was pleased with, but not thrilled with. In fact, it has taken me about a month to come back to these photos, that's how disappointed I was with them.
Burney Falls is a unique waterfall in that it has the typical waterfall action of a river falling over a 129-foot cliff, but it also has underground springs coming out the side of the cliffs, which you can see off to the sides of the main fall. So the falls look like this pretty much year round, which is good when trying to plan a trip.

I had originally planned to shoot these falls in late fall/early winter of November 2017 on my Thanksgiving trip that ended in Lone Pine, CA. Due to time and weather issues, that was abandoned. At that tim…

Instagram Posts for the Week of Feb. 27

I find that I post more freely on Instagram. Probably because I don't feel the need to come up with a substantial piece of writing to go with the photo. So I thought I'd try wrangling up my IG posts of the week into one post here on the blog. So without further adieu...

Alabama Hills Scouting

I got sidetracked in blogging. I skipped Christmas and New Year, then all the sudden it was the end of January! So this continues photos from my Thanksgiving trip. My other posts are: The Golden ArchesPanoramas from the Road, and Manzanar.

Having gotten down to the Lone Pine area and the rough location of the Mobius Arch, I needed to take a scouting trip to find the actual arch, and see what else is around. This is the Alabama Hills Monster that "greets" you as you enter the area.


If you find yourself in the Eastern Sierra, I highly highly recommend taking a few hours and stopping by the Manzanar National Historic Site. It's tells the story of out not too distant past that we like to conveniently skip over. If you're not familiar with the significance of this site, this is where, shortly after the bombing of Hawaii by Japan in 1941, some 10,000 Japanese, most with US citizenship, were incarcerated. This site is one of ten sites around the country that would come to hold over 110,000 people, again most of which were US citizens, from 1942-1945.

Panoramas From the Road

Before we get into the meat of this post, if you're viewing this on a mobile device, these photos really don't translate that well on it. These are large panoramic photos and really need a large screen to do them justice. Now on with the post.

Occasionally during my Eastern Sierra trip I had the idea to take panoramas to try and take in the full view of what I was seeing and feeling. I tried to focus on a part of the view I was seeing that would fill up my frame, but I felt that it didn't full get the whole feeling with only part of the view, but this led to other problems. All the panoramas I took were literally on the side of the road, meaning I was in the middle of driving, with someone who's not a photographer. So, not wanting to annoy them I left the tripod in the car and took these panoramas free hand. When taking handheld panos my general rule is to take many photos and to go well beyond and after my intended start and stop points so that the photo software has …