Busy Weekend

Pretty busy weekend on the tech front coming up. Saturday I'll be at the Apple-less Macworld expo. Truth be told I wasn't planning on going to it. Apple isn't going to be there, and most of the big name companies in the Mac world aren't going to be there either, but apparently there's going to be some kind of iPad demonstration, so I'm hoping for some hands-on time with it to help with the whole iPad vs. Nook thing.
Speaking of the Nook, coincidentally Barnes & Noble has released the Nook to some brick and mortar stores in time for Valentine's Day. By "some" I mean 1 in the whole San Francisco Bay Area. I'm curious to see what the 1.2 upgrade will mean for page turn performance, which is my only quibble at the moment with the Nook. I might just come home with a new Nook.


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