Review: The Jungle

The Jungle (The Oregon Files)The Jungle by Clive Cussler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Jungle is a Clive Cussler book. It's not deep, it's not going to be literary gold decades from now, but it is just good fun. It's a little more toned down than his Dirk Pitt novels, which are basically James Bond based in water, but still pretty fantastical stuff. A group of ex-CIA, Special Forces people make up the Corporation whose base of operations is a tramp of a boat that is actually the fastest, and most advanced boat in the world. They hire themselves out to wealthy people/corporations/countries that are deemed "good" to do high risk/high reward jobs. If you can get past that then the rest of the books, and the series, is quite enjoyable.

A hallmark of Cussler books is starting off in the past with an event (usually involving an object that gets lost) and bringing us to the present where an evil genius has spent his entire life looking for this object that happens to get un-earthed by some unknowing 3rd party. The Jungle is no different starting in China while Marco Polo was in country and involving special gems. The book then goes to outline the fairly complicated plan our super villain has dreamed up on recovering the gems, handicapping the Corporation, and building a quantum computer that will help him bring the US to it's knees. Will the Corporation be able to thwart the master plan? Read to find out.

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