Bigger Than Life (Photocentric)

Today's shot is from a highway side tourist attraction in what I call Way Northern California. Usually I write these chintzy attractions as third rate stops that happen to have something a little more than your average rest stop. I use their restroom, check out the overpriced giftshop, then it's back in the car. Then I saw the Trees of Mystery. Well actually I saw Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox.

Just to be clear, that is a full sized Toyota Camry on the left. So just how big are Paul and Babe? Their plaques answer those questions:

Aside from these big things, Trees of Mystery boasts some trails showing off some very large and very old Redwood trees, and a gondola ride to a ridge some 500 feet up. Admission for a place as out of the way as this is is admittedly steep, but it's not something that will leave you feeling ripped off. 


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