Running... Again?

  If you know me you know there was a time about 10 years ago or so where I was running. A lot. At least 5 days a week and at least 5 miles a run. I wasn’t training, I wasn’t preparing for a race or a marathon. I just found myself enjoying the time spent running. I wasn’t obsessed with numbers, but I kept track of them all and liked seeing improvements in time and distances. It was good physical health and mental health. Then I tweaked my knee. Not bad enough that I couldn’t walk on it, just a tweak that told me I needed to back off of running for a little bit. So I decided on 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks I aborted a run very early as the pain was still there. 2 weeks became 3, became a month, became 5 years. 

The Falls. Again. (Photocentric)

One of the first things I wanted to do when shooting after having deleted everything was to re-shoot a lot of my favorite photos. Since many of them found their way on these pages, in smaller form and in JPEG form, I was able to look at them and try to replicate the shot. I don't think there's anything wrong with this, but I found I was limiting myself. I would get so concerned with framing things the exact same, trying to set the camera up the same, that I forgot what photography is. It's take a shot of something as it was at that time. How something looks today isn't going to be the same as it looked a year ago. So yes, I could frame it basically the same but the shot would be different no matter what. Which is probably why I wasn't too happy with these shots of my local waterfall that didn't turn out like the shots from previous trips. So I decided to change it up.

Focusing on the main part of the falls I wanted to play with shutter speed. The shot on the left used a fast shutter speed with a large (small number) aperture. The one on the right is the opposite; a longer shutter speed and a small (large number) aperture. To me they both convey different things; the left one the power of the falls and the right one the flowing nature of water.

It's good to revisit old stomping grounds, but I need to not be limited by past experiences.

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