Pier Sunset

Pier at sunset
A keeper, at sunset
This was taken on the first attempt for my post from Monday. I had been under the pier for a good half hour, and was getting a little frustrated with my flimsy tripod and keeping a wary eye on the approaching tide when I came out and saw this. So although 90% of my shots from that day were throw aways, I was able to grab some nice shots out from under the pier.

This shot was a hand-held five exposure HDR. Since I had taken off the neutral density filter and upped the aperture (or lowered it, depending on how you look at it), I felt confident I could keep the camera steady better than this tripod I was using. If you haven't figured it out by now I was really frustrated with this tripod. I then processed as I normally do. I hope you enjoy it, it was a relief to come away with something to keep, even if it wasn't the shot I was looking for initially.


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