Battery Point

Battery Point
The last time I had the chance to really shoot this my old Canon SX10 was on it's last leg so I was looking forward to getting some better shots this time around. The G3 performed great, sadly the weather let me down. I was beginning to think that most of my shots were going to be just too dull for posting. I was going to attempt changing out the sky with a different photo, but my masking/blending skills need some work before I go making that public. Thankfully the grounds leading up to the lighthouse were in bloom and with a little tweaking with Topaz Labs Clarity I was able to make things pop a little bit.

Speaking of Topaz Labs, I've made it no secret that I use many of their plugins with my photos here. From their excellent DeNoise, and Adjust to their newer Detail and Clarity. I've even been using their Black & White Effects more often as I've gotten more comfortable with their interface and how their tools work. If you're looking for some great working plugins, check out the Topaz Labs Bundle. Download the 30 day trials and snap them up for 50% off through July 7.


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