Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree
Magical Christmas Tree
For the first time in awhile I'm having a Christmas tree. And not a fake tree but a full on Douglas Fir. So of course I had to take a shot of it and give it the HDR treatment. I generally try to show a photo how I see a scene, but in this one I definitely crossed that line into, I guess, art? Saturated colors, light flares, and some liberties with the physics of lights and shadows. But aren't the holidays supposed to be a magical time of year? But if you think my version of the tree is a little much, you should see what Google+ did with it and it's #autoawesome twinkle.

Twinkle Tree
Give it a minute to load if it hasn't already and you'll see some twinkling working their way through the tree. Thankfully this version is toned down from some other versions which had every light on the tree twinkling.


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