Running... Again?

  If you know me you know there was a time about 10 years ago or so where I was running. A lot. At least 5 days a week and at least 5 miles a run. I wasn’t training, I wasn’t preparing for a race or a marathon. I just found myself enjoying the time spent running. I wasn’t obsessed with numbers, but I kept track of them all and liked seeing improvements in time and distances. It was good physical health and mental health. Then I tweaked my knee. Not bad enough that I couldn’t walk on it, just a tweak that told me I needed to back off of running for a little bit. So I decided on 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks I aborted a run very early as the pain was still there. 2 weeks became 3, became a month, became 5 years. 

Head On

Head On Falls
As I mentioned yesterday +The Patch - PhotogrAphy Themed CHallenge theme for last week was Water and Landscapes, and I shared some of what I ended up doing in getting some shots for the project. When we first came up with the water and landscape theme I wanted to stay away from my most photographed waterfall in the area unless I felt I could do something different with it. After a river and creek excursion, and with a little daylight left I went to the waterfall to just see what could be seen.

I don't know if I was feeling more adventurous than usual, but I found myself scrambling over some rocks to get a unique for me perspective of the falls. I setup on a rock not much bigger than the base of my tripod and had to compose the shot through the awesome fully articulated viewer, which at times was frustrating. You try composing a shot with your back to the subject and needing to rewire right and left in your head while trying to beat the sun from setting so you can hopefully climb back up.


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