Sunset Pano (Photocentric)

A quick posting today, and one from a year or so ago. I just recently adopted a better system for keeping track of photos, so as I'm going through older shots I'm finding HDR and panoramic source shots that I had forgotten I had. This is one of those missed panoramas. 4 shots with a UV and a polarizing filter. Still too bright though. If I had an neutral density filter this would have turned out better.

In other photography related news I got the chance to sit in on a demonstration on Topaz Labs' Adjust 5 (I use Adjust 4) and I'm really excited about it. Of all the plugins I have Adjust is my most used one. I think of it as my finisher to bring a little more oomph to a picture. Adjust 5 will bring more presets, the ability to stack presets on top of each other, and to brush out an effect on certain parts of a photo. I look forward to using this tool soon.


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