Week 29 GPlus Project 52

Week 29 Summer/Winter
Infrared road
The theme for this week was winter or summer. With this photo I'll let the viewer decide for themselves. Is this a winter scene? Something else? The true answer is it is an infrared photo. Infrared photography has always interested me and coincidentally to the theme of this week I happened to order a cheap 720nm filter to see how it would work out. The idea behind IR photography is to severely limit the amount of visible light to hit the sensor and allow as much IR light in. This can be difficult with modern digital cameras because there's an anti-IR filter usually applied over the sensor so shots using an external filter need to be long exposures. This shot is a full 60 seconds, which explains why it's not as sharp as it can be. A converted camera, one that has the anti-IR filter taken off and an IR filter put in it's place, would be able to take sharper photos, but at the obvious negative of only being able to take IR shots.

Below you can see how the photo evolved from initial shot to finished product.

You can view this, and the rest of my Project 52 photos here.


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