Golden Gate

The Golden Gate on a typical SF day
It's been a bit since I posted. It'd also been a while since I had felt like shooting anything. I think the Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco in general is a good remedy for what ever the equivalent is for writer's block for photographers. I have a couple GG shots (a couple hundred) but this is my first down from the Fort Point area. That's Fort Point, a Civil War era fort, under the bridge. I'd seen a lot of GG shots from this vantage point on G+ so thought I'd give it a try. I like the heavy chain, it gives a kind of anchor and a little extra to the shot. Sadly the waves weren't so big as to give me a real dramatic bridge shot with a wave crash. Maybe next time. Weather was also not ideal for a photo, but was typical SF. Should have waited around a couple hours for the clouds to burn off. Other things I would have done differently would have been to actually use the tripod I had in the car with me, that might have made this seven shot HDR composite a little sharper.


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