Sunset Panorama

6 Shot Sunset Panorama
One heck of a sunset
This started off as one of those shots that I had high hopes for but realistically didn't think much would come of it. In fact when I first got the stitched together photo back into Aperture I was disappointed in the lack of foreground detail. I tried manipulating the RAWs to get some kind of psuedo-HDR going, but there was so little data in the dark foreground that all I got was a lot of artifacts. So I put it away for awhile I wrote it off as lost. When I pulled it up again I decided to embrace the darkness and let the sky have the stage, and I think that was the right way to go. I used a black and white version of this shot for my black and white project. I liked the outcome, but think this version of it works better. You can see that one here.

In terms of processing the shot I didn't do anything extraordinary. Using all Topaz Labs plugins, I adjusted the exposure and colors in Adjust, and played with contrast in the clouds in Clarity. Then, as an experiment, I thought I'd play with Star Effects which enhanced what I was wanting from the sun with some ray streaks. Overall I'm really happy with this shot. I highly suggest clicking on the photo to see it larger.


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