Victorian Beauties (Photocentric)

Old town Eureka has some great specimens of Victorian houses north of San Francisco, and 2 of them are right across the street from each other. The Carson House, named after the owner and big time lumber tycoon, is an odd green on green affair. The Carson House is now home to the Ingomar Club which looks to be a very private mens club devoted to keeping the mansion in pristine shape. There are no public tours of the inside of the mansion.

Across the street from the mansion is the slightly smaller Pink Lady, a house Carson had built for his daughter.

Click to see larger
Click to see larger
Both are HDR shots, just gone about in different ways. The Ingomar Club is made from one RAW shot that I then made two other exposures from, under and over exposed. Because RAW files carry so much more data in them (14 megs vs 3-4 megs for JPEGs for my GF2) I'm able to pull a lot of the shadow or high light detail out of a single RAW exposure. Which is good when I forget to change a setting on my camera to give me what I call true HDR. The Pink Lady is a five shot true HDR.


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