Unexpected Surprise

I've been shooting a lot lately so I have a lot of photos to sort through and get to processing. With HDR shots I often times break with my usual workflow to just see if it's worth putting in the 30-60 minutes to do it correctly. So I'll just take the RAW camera files and without cleaning them up for noise just send them to Photomatix to get a rough idea as to how the finished product will look. I remember doing this first with this shot expecting to not get anything worth keeping, but was pleasantly surprised. So off to Topaz Labs DeNoise for the 5 RAW files cleaning out the noise in the water, shadows, and clouds. Then back to Photomatix for HDRing. Then I tweaked the color a little in Aperture to bring out some of the warm colors in a Golden Hour shot. I think the finished shot has an other worldly feel to it.

Unexpected Surprise
Pastel colors at sunset


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