Weekly Photo Projects, Week 6

Week 6: rule of thirds
Dreaming of summer
This past week was pretty easy for me. The theme for the black & white group was rule of thirds, which wasn't one of my favorites because I try to shoot that most of the time. What was difficult was finding something I wanted to shoot. I looked at my other photos and saw I had a drinks sub-theme going on, so I thought I'd continue it for week 6. I think this will probably be my last drink theme photo though because I don't have any other glasses that help convey the drink. Well, except for the champagne flutes. Hmm... wonder how I can fit them in a shot. The setup for this shot is the same as the ice cube shot, just a hand held flashlight.

Week 6: Signs
It's a good sign
For once I had multiple options for the +Weekly Photo Project 2013 and our theme of Signs. While walking around I spotted a "Wine tasting here --->" sign which was in the running (always important to know where the tasting is), but I liked the wineries' actual sign better.

You can view my Weekly Photo Project album here.
My black & white project album here.


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