Weekly Photo Projects, Week 7

Week 7: Abstract
Carpet of the Forest
This week was an all black & white affair; one of necessity and one to cover up bad lighting. Let's start with my black and white group's photo. Our theme was abstract, and this was a challenge for me. I don't like looking for or thinking in the abstract. So I interpreted it as a close up of moss on a tree. I was happy with the outcome and love what Silver Efex 2 can do to a photo. Not my favorite theme or photo, but I think it turned out ok.

Week 7: Shadows
2 Handed Sundail

For the +Weekly Photo Project 2013 our theme was shadows. I had unwittingly taken nearly the exact same shot that I took for the project last year, and so had to scramble a bit at the end to get something. Sadly the lighting didn't really help with the shadows as this was the middle of the day. I liked the incongruity of the very dark sky yet the strong sense of light and a not so interesting shadow of this two handed sundial found on the beach.


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