Blue Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge
I was looking through my blog posts and noticed that there has been a lot of black and white or monochrome postings. Between my black and white project, and the ABC project you have to go pretty far back to find something with vivid colors. I had a shot that I was originally going to use for today but it was basically monochrome so I'll share that one later. So then I got started working on this shot. I don't know why I thought this would end up being a vivid colorful image, because it certainly wasn't when I started it. I did, as you can obviously see, bring out some blue in the water. Probably too much, but I flip flop between too much and just a little too much. The exposure was an 8 second long exposure so I liked what it did to the water, this soft dreamy look to it. As far as processing the heavy work was done in Clarity which has been my favorite tool to work with for just about any photo. Using the clarity sliders I was able to make the clouds pop a bit more than they were originally, and using the hue, saturation, and luminance (HSL) sliders I was able to have my fun with the water.


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