Another From the Archives

Continuing from yesterday's post, I've come across some photos that I hadn't seen in a while. That's my one complaint about digital photography. Sure, we can shoot more, but how do we show them? I'm not interested in printing up a bunch of photos and displaying them somehow. Books are even worse, though I'm thinking a year end book of favorites could be nice. I don't understood why digital frames haven't really caught on. I keep waiting for them to get bigger with better resolutions. One thing I have found useful is setting my desktop wallpapers to different albums/projects and having them change periodically. That's actually how I ran across these.

This shot is of a sunrise over Trinidad bay in Humboldt, CA. The whole set has some amazing colors in the sky, but I wanted to try and capture the fog, the clouds that look on fire, and the redwoods. I think this might have taxed the capabilities of my camera to pull in all the detail, but overall I'm pleased with this shot.


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