The Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Upgrading to a 4K Monitor

I'm in the process of getting back into photography which will mean a new camera, more on that in a later post. But the first step for me was a new computer, one with the horsepower to handle a modern day camera and its RAW files. Along with the computer comes a new 4K monitor. 4K is great for media consumption, right? Your characters on your favorite show or movie really look detailed and realistic. Scenery looks wonderful. Everything looks great, right? Wrong. You know what doesn't look great? That photo I took in 2012 that I thought was sharp but is very much not. I transferred over my past catalogs of photos over to Lightroom Classic and eagerly began opening up some of my favorite photos. At first I was happy with how the colors looked and how the scene was composed. Then I noticed it was a little soft. Well I had just gotten a new contacts prescription so that must be it. Changed to my glasses and the photos were even blurrier! I went through photo after photo and most ca


I like panoramic shots in theory. Not having a super wide angle lens (or tasked with capturing a large scene) a panormic shot can be one way to capture it. If you're not familiar, a panoramic shot is combining 2 or more shots in a set order to make 1 large photo. For my camera I have a setting to help with making sure I'm not missing anything. I start from the left take a shot, rotate to the right and match up the details from the last shot on the right edge with the left edge of the new shot I'm composing. Then I feed the shots to a software application which stitches the shots together. It's really a pretty siimple process, but one I constantly forget to employ while out shooting.

My issue with panoramics is more about how they get displayed. Such a large shot is constrained within such small monitors and TVs. I think, when I shoot a shot worth it, I'll display it as a 3 part canvas shot. I've always liked the look of those on a wall. But, something you can't do with a printed panoramic is being able to explore the picture. Sites like show huge photos of a city and the viewer can zoom in and see the wonderful detail available. There are even specialized tripod heads that are computerized and will take pictures in such a fashion to get the most detail out of a scene.

Today's photo is a 5 shot pano shot again in Humboldt. I suggest clicking on the photo and seeing the full size photo.


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The Pros and (Mostly) Cons of Upgrading to a 4K Monitor